Saturday, December 10, 2016

Are lever action shot guns dangerous ?

What gun isn't dangerous ? .
We used to have a 5 shot pump action shot gun which we only ever used to kill rabbits . Spotlighting rabbits is a joy every Aussie should experience .
How dangerous ? 
well even with the very fast pump action  I can remember our last night out chasing one  rabbit around the car The one older youth charged with the responsibility expended 18 cartridges on dat one wabbit without out us ever finding him . I tell you this , not because it reflects well on the skill of the operator , but that we remember just how many cartridges he went through  and how much it cost !  It was nearly $20 bucks worth about 40 years ago
When Howard  changed the law , we reluctantly gave up this fine gun and it was crunched up . Now all we use is a single shot and you can imagine how many we get .

If you are close enough and are a reasonable shot you can get a few . Shotguns are good for rabbits because they kill quickly and effectively. Much harder even with big animals to kill quickly with a shot gun . You really need a rifle and a powerful one to be safe and effecetive ( you want it to quick and not cruel)
Even the old 22 wasn't much dood for killing calves at close range . Bouncing off the skull if you weren't aiming well. Not pleasant even to think about now !

If all this talk of killing makes you feel uncomfortable , it does us too . Apart from rabbits,  having to kill something to put it out of its misery is something that happens on a farm . You have to do it even if you would rather not . You do it quickly cleanly or not at all . We love our horse s cows , calves , cast ewes and it has to be that way if they are suffering.

So whats with this woory about the Alder shotgun this week ? As far as I can see The Adler  should be available to farmers even though you can add more rounds than our five shotter . Its veryu unlikely anyone would be stupid enough to use one in a hold up situation cause they take too long to load are not  short or very effective in harming lots of people before being disarmed .
 If you are chasing each other , you might need 10 shot gun rounds to kill the animal , as we experienced all those years ago . And that was for a measly myxo rabbit .
Please worry warriors - stop meddling in an area you know nothing about .Stop denying death and our need to act in that area . 

As for spotlighting rabbits - for everyone ? . In the sand dunes of Dimboola girls and all would pile onto the back of utes and chase the rabbits under the spot light ( it stuns them) catching the and giving them to the boys to kill -Quickly , Its called rabbit kicking and its great fun . A Fair game .

The ABC have provided some good background on the adler shotgun

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