Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pushing the proverbial uphill

Landslides on the Great Ocean Road   October 2016 

In 2016 we had a wet October in the Otways and on the Great Ocean Road, We often  have very wet Octobers . Deep soils will move off the slope quite naturally under such rainfall

Current left style governments  operate a emergency management approach which means do nothing till disasters happen -  When they do happen they exaggerate them .The no touch policy of the left can mean we do silly things like pretend change is not inevitable or even worse --that we should resist change or not work with it..

Of the 120 landslides on GOR which motivated all sides of politics to grant millions of dollars in November,  the biggest is an earth flow which needs to move across the GOR

The biggest landslide of the 120 named  can be blamed on  BOTH nature and people ( ask me if you want details) . Neither the inevitability of nature or the careless work of man can be the sole target.
The reality that has yet to be faced on the Wye -Sep section facing the GOR is that the soil wants to move across the road and the  current left government is making every effort to stop it .

I would suggest we work with nature and help it across , The alternative to a few weeks work is millions trying to hold it there .The alternative is to spend a lot of money on consultants and engineering when the rocks, the shallow soils and me agree its time to part company

Instead of blaming man,  the left are prone to blaming nature ,
Greenlabor have their own view of heaven . Trouble is it often not very practical.

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