Friday, April 21, 2006

Looking for native plant pictures?

One of the best ways to learn more about the country is by using images -google images. Just type in a species name . He's a tassy forest site with some sound ecological prescriptors. Geoff is going to publish soon some more orchid stuff too ,aren't you geoff!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Emerging issues

Whose doing what about the pampas grass invasion ?These plants in the heytesbury are clearly propagating from the numerous seeds produced and carried to all four corners of the district.

AUTUMN activities

APRIL bats 52316913 john rees frogs 52316913 even soils in July Anything you are concerned about? Recent news on BIG MOTHS now , WEED issues

Bush tucker for GOR tourists?

BOGUNG moths are back in town. Are they big in number in your area ? they can eat a bit of pasture in spring. At the moment they don't need to, but the more eggs they lay the more cutworms we may get in spring. If you find any actively feeding worms in the next month or so , local treatment should be considered.

Start eating.... or thinking of some other hungry animal ?
Aborigines loved to eat bogongs. They used to come up from the coast during the migration to feast on them. They are reported to taste somewhere between a pecan and a walnut but, because of the high fat content, can cause nausea if consumed in large quantities. Anyone tried them ? Apparently cutworm moths are a delicacy all over the dry parts of the world .Grissles in the US love them too. Great site on Insects at