Friday, September 25, 2009

Rainfall and runoff into Lake Colac

It was very dry last summerSo will it fill this year ? (Photo - we walked across (south to north) in January this year)
Most Probably not. Infact Lake Colac is likely to dry out again by the end of summer ( assumming average months ahead)
The Flows REQUIRED to help it fill will take some time- most likely series of wetter years.
The real key to understanding Runoff is the condition of the soils in the catchment .
The main source of such flows will be when the heavier soils in the catchment are nearly fully saturated. ( as they are right now ) The problem is that between showers at this time of year ,soils dry out , and so does the often thick wad of pasture now growing well. So unless the rainfall occurs repeatedly within a few days of each other ,at this time of year , high retention .
Lake Colac is unlikley to fill this year because the retention rate can be excpected to be high and the spring components, which over wet years contribute significant flows, are too dry to contribute as yet .

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I feel for those poor cows at this time of year

Not only do they have to suffer the mud, the cold winds and unexpected coldshowersof a normal august year, The wannabe carbon clevers can't decide whether WE are doing the right thing by doing what comes naturally .
Senator Wong and her entourage of wannabes can't decide whether our beloved animals should fart, belch or breath, but they can decide that we should have IS another huge tax, so someone can pay someone to fix the problem . Sure !!!!
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