Friday, March 17, 2006

The Best Chips

Noted no answer to the soggy chips question? Lambs is it just new season sag . and after all your experience, where are the best places to grow spuds /where are they going to be grown for next 10yrs ?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Save us from the whales

( A dead whale rotting on SW coast beach makes big News this week)
Any ideas on how to dispose of a dead whale on a beach?. Its a great challenge that has got many locals talking and thinking over the years . It seems we are still looking for a solution .
Some have tried blowing them up, some burying them . Blowing up -Not very nice effect though. The effect, if not the thinking, is very lateral with body parts moving in all directions .
The most effective idea seems to be to take them back out to sea where food is scarce and the process of recycling fast and efficient . But how do we do that? The big problem seems to be how to move the body intact -a big enough ship? a big enough pulley . Any suggestions very welcome . Japanese ships need not apply, it seems .

Perhaps some of the radicals at the Port Fairy folk festival this week could run a shuttle service for parts disposal to sea . Port Fairy will need to develop an effective dead whale management strategy very soon . After all the chances of it happening there are increasing . Imagine how the presence of this particular piece of wildlife would affect the ambience on the long weekend music festival. Shudder to think !

Burying them is well ny impossible on the SW coast because of the shore platforms . Bouyancy is clearly a problem wherever they go . They hangin therein the aerobic zone, oh so naturall.
Anyone whose got a good idea that works will be most welcome cause i think the consensus is that no one knows quite what to do with the death issue. ( Whale rotting on SW coast makes news this week)