Sunday, September 06, 2015

Yes we can work and live together

(ODDBALL) Shane Jacobsons latest movie about dogs who protect penguins  at Warrnambool is a very welcome true life story that hopefully will encourage more young people to follow a career in science and environment . The breakthrough in this real life story might never have happened without a few  practical people and scientists resisting the dominant but overly simple no touch simplicities that dominate the political context of the moment ;
As I hope you realise some political wannabes  do 
not realise that the current dominant philosophy in environment is a recipe for a career in museum management, not active management; It can be a recipe for doing nothing and thinking nothing ; door keeping and prosecuting those who dare to get involved  Wait until  the trees are killed before the koalas have to be as well .
This great story demonstrates the reality that animals not normally drawn together can work together very well,  even in the long term .There are many examples of this productive symbiosis  yet to be discovered and newly rediscovered Read

 more here Its even more convincing because the dogs also look after chooks .

The island is in the distance the photo from Whale beach  

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