Monday, November 05, 2007

Pasture Plants that last

October and November rains are what makes our pastures some of the most sustainable in the State. Pity the State government doesn't recognise the urgency of protecting them ---and other sustainable grazing areas .(Does the Government really want to know?)
Here's a great survivor-- Cocksfoot . Look at those fine root mass .The alternative summer survivors have to behave a bit more like the radish family with tap roots .The great survivor ( marshmallow) (pictured )doesn't get grazed much but its roots take advantage of shallow and deep moisture . Did you know the root of this plant has some great uses?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Commonly Known as Capeweed ( imported from South Africa ) this broad leafed annual has a great year - its filling up pastures all across the SW of Victoria due to the bare ground sydrome of a dry set of years. These big seeders dominate groundcover once by filling up lightspace with a watery skeleton of leaves that go to nothing when dry. a shortage of seed and a poor start to the season leave the ground open to such invaders . Well kept perennial pastures make sense but a 1 in 100 yr dry spell requires special adjustment ? No good for hay--- so today with 15-20 mm of rain, many farmers are out their sowing something better !
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