Friday, May 29, 2009

Before someone starts worrying too much

There is no sign of a change in the rainfall.
Mind you if you want to be more of an expert in statistics than i am -go ahead . Its a free country and we can all learn.I have stated the facts. Unfortunately stats are abused daily in the media - to say whatever the author wants-- so caution is a good idea . Why not do your own comparisons starting here!

One map shows the rain this year . The other shows where its below average .

Mind you May is not a good time to worry about averages because the patchy high daily totals of the dry period ( dec to june -incl now) that is , the ones that drop rain on one and not another , are still a dominant feature of the present period . Unlike Jon Faine 774 yesterday , you need to wait till late spring before you worry . Rainfall to date is very unreliable compared to that which can be expecetd in August September and October HERE.