Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rain rain beautiful rain

If you haven't got some Ladysmith Black Mambazo recordings ( the title track above ) you are missing out big time!
We have had 2 inches over the last week and after nearly 6 months dry.... its beautiful

Watching the grass grow is to be compared with watching the flowers grow - esp when we have waited so long this year. Grass ( monocot) -left 

tends to take over but the beautiful clover buds (dicots)  ----right 
and their symbiotic relationship symbolize cooperation and community(big picture) rather than mere competition( small picture).Both are flowering plants ( representing the 2 great divisions in the plant kingdom) but the lichen ( on the ground) is..... well , ....who knows what it is - all we know is that it is in itself a miracle of cooperation .

 The bits they work together  to both build up and break down . To die and to be born again . 

This is what it was like the week before  mid may 2013 Colac 

Have a good weekend doing just that - watch these 3 do their own thing while you recreate yourselves 2

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