Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are we really running out of water ?

Of course not . We live on a very dry continent and Western Victoria is part of it . Dark Green indicates the few area where we get more than 60mm a month .
SW vic has for eons been quite dry ( look at say how runoff over eons creates streams and lakes, here for example).
We are probably having a quite normal series of dry years, just as every decade or so, we have a series of wet years . The landscape (the geological, soil and plant record )that we have before us , is more reliable in what it tells us about climate variability than "recent meterological modelling " .Who pays these blokes to worry anyawy .
But to put such important facts forward in the name of scientific and reasonable discussion would of course bring me into conflict with the media and lobby politics and their well fueled campaigns to get us buying into them . Pity about science - its often just being used as a name up the front .

For example , its clear that many of the lakes around here have dried up in recent history, let alone in the ice ages before white men arrived here . The water budget of lake colac shows that a series of dry years are infact needed for that to happen, as is the very bank on the eastern side .
One really important fact about runoff is that , except for a few quite small areas of Victoria, it always is a relatively rare, sensitive and relatively unpredictable event each year . So while the media have field day speculating about the actual rain issue they have if pressed, even more room to move speculating about runoff . If only we could rely rely on the media to consult peopleon the ground . More later .