Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Living with Acid

 see video on YouTube .
Preeda Puis,,

Don't worry too much about Coke , I suggest . Most of our antecedents lived by drinking acid water and there is plenty inside you .I am not saying don't research it for yourself , but way up the reality - fruit juice can be Ph 3 but it doesn't contain Phosphoric ions ( see Otways blogs for more info)

The main reason you might not want to use Coke to liberate the Barbecue residue( apart from the waste of a good fizzy )  is because you will remove more metal and oxidize it than you will by breaking up fatty residue with ammonia . Which side of the bonding  surface do you want to weaken ?
Why don't the media tell you anything - because they want you TO BUY something . Something you may not even need . A fresh idea for free --- thats US