Thursday, April 21, 2016

Windpower - nothing new to us

Waiting for a chance to try out my  land yacht on Lake Colac, I am reminded of a big challenge  for farmers in the autumn around here  . A lack of wind in particular  .
More than half of our  dairy farms are not connected to mains ( most)  and despite ower at the sheds rely on windmills to supply  water to distribution tanks .

Old is new again and we are not as backward as some think . We still make them new ( Bryan) and use them in the most productive dairy farms in Australia , We design around its  limitations  ,
Next time your kids are bored in the car get them to count the number of windmills ( there are over 70 alongside the road  between Colac and Geelong)

Lots have tried variations but these brilliant gifts from our forefathers provide the torque and the sufficient Watts per week to beat solar and mains supply ( cost of wiring them up )
 Farmers store water in quiet times like these getting the petrol pump out occasionally .
The close town of Beeac   was  home to several  windmill manufacturers . This excellent display is at Beeac together complete with  well constructed stone fences and backward people ( in the cemetery)

It might be cooler at night at this time of year but hot days mean stock will need water.

The lack of wind, the higher fertility and salinity of water bodies and the lack of feed also increases the risk of death from cows eating blue green algae. The algae is mainly dangerous after windy periods when it can accumulate dead on lee side of large water bodies .

For me there is only a limited window of opportunity . Doesn't take much rain to make the surface too slippery  for this contraption .


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