Monday, February 29, 2016

No pool and the floor is still moving in our recreation centre

The exact implication  of known high groundwater pressures between Elliminyt and Colac Aireys street and Hearn are yet to be fully known because there are few proper test bores  in the area. here should be more.

If I was asked, as  I once was,  to comment on the environmental implications of large projects across South West Victoria , I would have, without hesitation, told Colac Otway Shire that deep test boring of the soils between Elliminyt and Colac was imperative for future planning of that area . The local geomorphology and hydrology mean high risks of high ground water pressures and unstable soils in that area. There is no point in having maps of salinity and groundwater overlays if no one reads them.
Foundation and soil evaluation is not, in the scheme of things, very expensive and I was happy to, each month for three decades, provide advice to many Shires on just when and where further soil, water or  plant research or investigation needed to happen.  Just as in the case of the very complex questions of our lake, foundational soil stuff stops projects getting off on the wrong space. It also reduces the unwise speculation and drumming up of unfounded fears. We know better than to live like this.
The old effective process wasn’t always super-efficient, but it was clearly cost effective because we as planning public servants created the most liveable places in the world. We consulted widely amongst a team trained to talk and respect the roles we fulfilled for the public and politicians alike.
We citizens of Colac (and Australia) may not know much, but we do know that his new system is not working. Any leader who stands up and will not consider significant changes to how we do things, deserves to be moved on.
 Our current culture has been sacrificed to the dumb ,blood letting god of economic efficiency and obligatory innovation. If you have the honour of being chosen to represent us, don’t be a puppet or a Trump’d up type parrot, do your homework and listen to all the stones screaming out at you.

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