Thursday, February 04, 2016

Local Councils outta control on our Coast

Councils all over the country are failing to follow sound State planning policy on Open space . ( see previous article) . Where has all te money gone ( subdivsion act ) to provide for more Public Open Space - into the coffers .
Here's  long standing example of a  Shire who have known about a problem for 20 years and done nothing sound about it.
The sand systems  which provide us with beaches deserve more respect than they get from Government .Here is an approximation of the cross section  beach dune ridge swale system that was natures gift to Apollo bay. Before we cut through it  
The dune is part of the beach as is the swale behind it .
The Colac Otway Shire were advised when the subdivision of a large area of north Apollo Bay was to subdivided ( see attached sketch) ---to not cut through the beach system, They didn't need too. Drainage could be managed using a combination of pipes swale flood plain and the existing creek to the south. Council and the proponents were shown how they could deal with piped flow and flood water in the area by ensuring adequate POS was available. ( when a flood or overload occurs water can flow from E back to point G where the existing creek enters the system)  .

Instead the Shire allowed the developer to cut through the dune which quickly eroded a wide section of dune and gave  us the rocky beach we never had before as well cut pedestrian access and parking areas . The works now threaten the Great Ocean Road , and in a number of places 

. The Council were also advised at the time that they should acquire several buildings currently occupying the swale depression behind the dune .( see photos ) We still don't know how the POS contributions over the last few decades have been used . Some of the money we presume went to pay for the flighty birds we call CEO's . But we intend to find out!    This is the mess as it was over ten years ago, Nothing has been done to restore order - to properly design with nature.

 Infact its only got worse  . Some Greens might blame sea level rise but that would be far too simple and distracting , Worse,  it would let the incompetent Colac Otway Council off the hook and not allow competent people to advise them rather than panic them.

4% as stated in The Subdivision Act is ALL that we expect ! 

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