Friday, March 06, 2015

There has gotta be a better way --- there is !

The circumstances of the koala cull ( 680 )on the bottom edge of Australia this week are very distressing ( Colac Herald ), just like they are when we have to shoot drought cattle and injured or suffering animal friends; very hard .

To really care you have to make hard choices . Some who claim to care for natural processes either don't know that or ignore the challenge. They do nothing ; they advocate doing nothing and in the case of our Councils and State departments they insist they doing nothing --- till someone or something dies  .
For many of us who have studied and dealt with death and regeneration daily, this situation is a call for our community to look beyond and insist our paid public servants keep the big picture in mind ;

If we want to avoid such dramatic last minute efforts and the crisis that preceeds it , we will at times have  to plan to provide proper habitat and growth places ; we have to live and support the bigger picture . To leave things till they get this bad is not a choice , but avoiding a choice .To truly live and care we have to be simply realistic about living with nature and the acceptance of death and renewal .
In these unpleasant times and difficult choices  , we can support those who go front line and be pleased that the suffering of these particular animals will then be over .
 The veteran park ranger of over 20 years who knows and cares for the sand island Turtles best (in The ABC series on the Great Barrier reef this week ) knows only too well that  he cannot turn many of the big numbers of dying turtles over, when that short time comes around.
What we can do is make sure that our animals and the wild animals have enough room and young regenerating forest around them- as was case years ago. Thats a great big picture task that helps avoid this scenario . While some Greens are in simply in love with only old growth forests, this will not happen . More young people who study these things well and full lifecycle  should be given these complex but difficult jobs in providing more habitat instead of being offered spades by our own current environment minister . 

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Blogger Johnniem said...

Hard choices are not something wannabe Greens want to face. They like it simple -so simple it tells you nothing or even misleads you . These non scientists can only handle one issue a time and even then, it is often not enoughor enough to get them right off the track completely .Its either the trees or the animals.They got my message about digestability ( listen to ABC news this morning 27th ) but the way they work it could take years before they understand why in this location at Cape Otway . This is the cuurent cost of environment research today in Victoria . Animals have to die and even then. its years, if ever, they work out the REAL connections. Doctors would get the sack if this was their environment to manage .

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